Documentary about Karin Borghouts
This is a documentary about artist-photographer Karin Borghouts in which she talks about her most recent projects, such as the KMSKA, Homescapes and Vincent Was Here, and in which she introduces her most recent project.
Credits: Photography: Karin Borghouts | Image and sound: Dieter Demey | Editing: Dieter Demey | Music: Dirk Veulemans (Utopia), Moby (Live Forever) | August 2023
Timelapse movie for the project Concrete Stories
This movie was made as part of my project Concrete Stories. More about this project can be found here.
Credits: Image and editing: Dieter Demey | Music: Moby (Spaired Long) | June 2022
Promotional movie for Knipperkot vzw
This is a promotional movie made for Knipperkot vzw about their project 'Met paard en soepkar'.
Credits: Image, sound and editing: Dieter Demey | April 2022
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